We believe in visions.

Our passion is to bring your ideas to reality. We give your thoughts a
name and translate your needs into expressive images and concepts.

We provide expertise for a number of key positions and work with
the most talented connoisseurs to create your vision. What a great
job we have!

We are not the market leaders. At least not yet. But we are a team
with courage and passion. And we love to think laterally. Sometimes
all it takes is a different perspective. We´re here now!


We have 10 years of working experience within the media industry
and that left marks. Good ones, no worries. We have the ability to
seperate the good from the bad ideas and the valueable from the
worthless. We, as an creative agency, will work not only with you, but
for you. Our goals are complex: we want you to be inimitable, and
whatever it needs to take you there, we have the guts to do that.
Or, as we use to say: we have it all and courage!



We´re not a bunch of know-it-alls, we actually DO some serious working.
Check out our latest projects and enjoy them HERE.



We are specialized in project development, brand identity, pr,
editorial concepts, consulting, curating and producing and storytelling.


Moving image concepts

Editorial ideas and productions – print and digital



Image and creative consulting

Editorial consulting

Campaign add-ons


Conceptual implementation

Script- and voice over-editing


Recruitment and networking